Ties Like Me! was created for the professional gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community to network. This networking opportunity creates an environment to meet new friends, engage in casual conversation and strengthen our community with strong business ties.


  • To support other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender professionals in their career.
  • To advance the economic, professional, cultural, and civic welfare of our community.
  • To have a comfortable ambiance to discover other avenues where we can use the gay and lesbian community for business.


  • This is a non-political organization with no political agenda.
  • Please bring lots of business cards for networking opportunities.
  • There is no membership fee or annual fee. We are simply volunteering our time in order to show our support for the community.

When most people read the name Ties Like Me! they think it means a business necktie that goes with a suit. Ties Like Me! is actually a play on words. Individuals in the GBLT community are all connected by a common TIE, our sexual orientation. Hence, Ties Like Me! intentions are to bring our community together due to our common tie.

As seen in our logo, there is a global dimension because our Ties stretch far across the earth. Of course, the name also works well because this is a professional group and having that unintentionally stated in the name goes along with our purpose of a business professional setting.

Ties Like Me! is proud to bring our community together in order to make it a better world for everyone.



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